Welcome to
Two Giraffes Bilingual Crèche

Two Giraffes Bilingual Crèche is an intermediary structure between the family, nursery and pre-school. Our academy is located in Garden Estate near Ridgeways, Muthaiga North, Runda Estates.

Our aim is to teach children to enjoy school and to learn how to get on well together whilst being absorbed in the French culture from a very young age. It is not a question of giving “French lessons” but rather experiencing daily routines and adventures in French throughout the day. Our dedicated staff, eco-friendly environment, numerous different activities and friendly atmosphere all contribute to your childrens’ well-being. We facilitate the gradual awakening of your child and introduce children to the dynamic principles of learning. Our academy is a wonderful place for your children to grow, learn, feel safe, and have a great time.

We have an environmentally healthy early learning environment which is key to the health of your children. Our green academy is eco-friendly by reducing our waste, using natural cleaners, serving organic vegetables from our kitchen garden. This is one of the programs in our curriculum. We recycle, reduce and reuse more instead of just throwing away everything.